Using IV therapy to boost health and wellness

Every day, we work hard. We get up and get on with our day, working full-time while caring for a house and kids. Sometimes, we forget to take care of ourselves! At Flawless Faces Medi Spa of New Braunfels, Texas, Serena Wisdom and her team believe that the use of IV therapy can boost mood, energy, and health in a single appointment!

What is IV therapy?

IV therapy, or “intravenous therapy” or “IV drip,” is a way of getting necessary vitamins, minerals, and hydration to your body directly through the bloodstream. When an IV is placed, and certain IV treatments are administered, such as vitamin therapy or hydration therapy, patients can boost their energy, mood, and health in a single visit to our office. Our team can help you choose the type of IV therapy for your needs, ensuring the desired results!

What types of IV treatments are available at Flawless Faces Medi Spa?

We have a variety of IV therapies to choose from, including some that are targeted to specific needs and conditions. These include IVs used to replenish vitamins and minerals, rehydrate the body, address chronic migraines and headaches, boost the immune system, boost metabolism, and energize the body. We know that it might be difficult to select just one IV therapy for your needs, but we take the time to speak to our patients about the various options and help them make an educated and knowledgeable decision regarding the best IV treatment right for their situation.

Schedule an appointment to find out if intravenous therapy is right for you!

Serena Wisdom and her team can educate you on the various types of IV treatments and help you choose the best treatment for your unique needs. We invite you to call (830)-491-2070 to request a consultation at our office at 2363 Gruene Lake Drive, Ste C. We invite patients from the areas of Buda, Kyle, Boerne, Austin, San Antonio, and Selma, TX, to call our office and request time to speak with our experienced providers.