Permanent makeup is an excellent way for patients to shave time off their morning routine. It has become an increasingly popular treatment that allows more time for other things, such as family. But what is it? How does it work? If you are looking for a medical spa “near me” that offers makeup services such as this, look no further than our providers at Flawless Faces Medi Spa of the Kyle, Texas, community.

What does permanent makeup involve?

Patients in the area considering treatments such as permanent makeup often have questions about this treatment and how it works. Permanent makeup involves cosmetic tattoos performed in an area to provide continued pigmentation.

In essence, it is a long-term version of traditional makeup. The most popular areas that patients choose to have permanent makeup applied include:

  • Eyebrows
  • Eyeliner
  • Lips

These are the areas that can significantly benefit from having more defined, enhanced pigmentation. Permanent makeup results in a more polished look without having to devote time to applying traditional makeup every day. It allows you to maintain your look–without the continued maintenance each morning!

What are the advantages of permanent makeup?

Permanent cosmetics have several benefits that make it a reliable and highly desirable solution for women who want to save time and money! Permanent makeup:

  • Saves time. Imagine not having to spend 15 minutes or more every morning applying makeup. With permanent makeup, you can wake up and be ready for the day faster than ever before
  • Long-lasting results. While traditional makeup may smudge or wear off throughout the day, permanent makeup is designed to last for years. This means no more touch-ups or reapplying makeup throughout the day
  • Can help cover imperfections. For women who have scars or skin discoloration, permanent makeup can help to conceal these imperfections and provide a more even skin tone
  • Customizable results. Permanent makeup is tailored to individual preferences and desired results. Whether you want a more natural look or something more dramatic, our providers can work with you to create the perfect final look
  • Can save money. While the initial cost of permanent makeup may seem expensive, over time, it can actually save money by eliminating the need to purchase daily makeup products
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